The Ski Bunny Philosophy

Look up the term ‘Ski Bunny’ on Urban Dictionary, I dare you.

Not positive, is it? I’d even go as far as to say that the term Ski Bunny comes with some of the most negative connotations of all the rampagingly awful stereotypes about women in ski resorts.

The Ski Bunny is the queen of ski town sluts; she’d do anything to get laid.┬áNever mind the fact that it’s 2017 and women have been liberated for almost sixty years now. Certainly don’t mind that ski towns are 90% men, and if every woman in town was a nun, you’d all be sporting forearms like Popeye.

No, the Ski Bunny is one to keep away from unless you fancy spending a lot of time in the GUM clinic. I hear she treats STIs like Pokemon (‘Gotta catch ’em aaall’) and she might be having a baby with the town drunk…

Whatever ski bunnies are doing in resort, you can be damned sure they’re not shredding the hill. You never see them hitting the same chair over and over again, or nailing their nuts trying to a 720 off the end of a rail. Ski bunnies, by all accounts, aren’t real skiers. Well, whatever you might say about ski bunnies, The Ski Bunny is here to reclaim the term.

Sucks to your rails, we’ll see you in the fresh pow, carving new lines, testing the best new season skis, and we’ll do it all while looking good. All this might’ve given you the impression that this blog is ‘just for girls’; oh no, The Ski Bunny is for ski bunnies, bums, seasonaires and general mountain dwellers. Anyone who might be interested in snow sports is welcome in our little enclave… even the punters.

From Insider Guides to resorts we know well, to gear reviews, tips for new seasonaires, and anything else that catches our eye, The Ski Bunny is now officially in business.

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