Ski Style: Fighting the Freeze at -30

Nobody wants to wander around looking like the Michelin Man; not even when it’s so far below freezing that you’ve decided 0 degrees sounds like a balmy summer day. We all know walking around looking like you’re wearing every item of clothing you own isn’t cool. Fighting the freeze is an important part of life in a ski town. 

Dressing for warmth in a ski resort often comes down to cracking the art of layering. Without wanting to sound like a soulless gear junkie, the more high tech materials are developed, the easier it is to layer for cold weather.

Since the title of this piece tells me it’s about keeping warm, I’m going to focus specifically on the micro-puffy. When it comes to puffys that keep you warm on the slopes, stay dry in bad weather, and pack down small enough to put in your day bag, the Arc’teryx Atom has been the one to beat since it hit the market.

Patagonia Micro Puff Ski Jacket

Last season, the RAB Microlight came a close second, and there’s always a few hold outs for the tried and true Patagonia fleeces or plaid shirts (*this may or may not be me), but nothing is quite as effective as the Atom. This year though, Patagonia have come up with what they believe is the perfect match between the warmth and packability of down and the warm when wet performance of synthetic.

And so, we get to the Micro Puff Hoodie. It clocks in at less than 10 ounces, packs into one of its pockets, and the PlumaFill insulation is about as warm and weatherproof as you can get without compromising breathability. It’s also slim-fitting enough that you could wear it comfortably around the resort, which is ideal.

Now, you can pry my trusty fleece from my cold dead hands, but even I’m tempted by the newest addition to the Patagonia puffy family. With the ski season fast approaching, we can’t wait to see how the Micro Puff does on the slopes.

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