Top holy-shit ski experiences for those who’ve got the cash

Ok, I know this week is the big Ellis Brigham season opener- more on that to come on Saturday- but sometimes a skier just has to google cool ski experiences for the super wealthy. It’s not that I’m particularly materialistic, I’m just aware that having a shedload of money means that you can do incredible things whenever you want. 

Things like heli-ski off the back of a massive boat, or ski tour in the Norwegian Fjords. Those things seem like they’d be amazing, but you need to either be good enough at skiing for someone to pay for you to go out there, or rich enough to do it yourself.

So, since I’m neither of those things, here’s a good old dose of wishful thinking.

Heli Boat Skiing on Patagonia

The mountain that inspired a clothing brand isn’t exactly one of those we often see skiers belting down very often, and those that do certainly aren’t doing it from the back of a luxury yacht. This is adventure skiing for the one percent if I’ve ever seen it; there won’t be a ski bum in sight, but the fresh tracks must be unreal.

Skiing Antarctica

The ultimate bragging rights come from hitting slopes nobody has ever seen before, and skiing in Antarctica isn’t exactly something most people can do. It costs more than many of us earn in a year, and guests are expected to be as much crew as the actual crew.

Ski Like James Bond

Ever wanted to feel like a super spy? Well Above and Beyond in Verbier are making that dream a reality for anyone with enough disposable income. There’s a choice of three packages, each geared towards a specific aspect of James Bond on the ski slopes; want to learn how to make a fantastic martini and pole dance?

You can do that. You can also ride a helicopter, learn close protection skills and head off piste for some big mountain thrills. Money no object, I’d be tempted to do all of them. I’ve always wanted to be a super spy.

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