What to do when it’s too snowy to ski

This is about as far away from the sort of problems we were dealing with last year as it’s possible to get, and yet I’m still sat here drinking coffee in a half empty ski bar instead of hitting the slopes. The reason, you ask? Everything is shut. Again.

Actually, not everything is shut; I could ski Les Houches. Honestly though, the wind right now is way past the wrong side of biting. Even on the always-open slopes of Les Houches, the snow will be sitting unevenly in snow/ice mounds. The visibility looks to be so poor you’ll be skiing blind, and the wind will make damn sure you’re freezing cold while doing it.

So, the question last year’s version of me would’ve killed to hear; what do we do while the weather is too bad to ski?

Stay in and watch movies

I mean, nobody is making you go out… besides, you need to recoup some of the costs of that hideously expensive ski pass you’re now not using. Maybe you’ll spend the day watching old movies on TV, doing the crossword and finishing the book you’ve been too busy to touch the last few days?

Get started on an early apres ski

If you get your first round in at 2pm, by 5pm you’ll definitely have enough liquid courage to talk to the handsome Scandinavian ski bum across the room.  Also, you’ll burn out by the time the dinner rush arrives; you’ll be asleep before midnight and up for first lift in the morning. It’s a definite win.

Hand wax and sharpen your skis, check your safety equipment still works and re-DWR your outer layers

Look, that dream ski day is coming. We all know it. In a few days time, we’ll wake up at 8am and it’ll be perfect blue skies outside; when that morning comes, we’ll be glad we spent all day today doing admin instead of trekking out into the storm. Maybe once we’ve finished fixing up our gear, we can still enjoy a spot of apres ski.

However you choose to wait out the storm, whether that’s heading to the nearest open slope or sitting in a ski bar playing blackjack for drinks, there’s a bluebird coming. In the meantime though, enjoy the snow and thank god there’s more of it than last year.

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