There’s a ton of snow in the Alps; Candide Thovex hits the Great Wall of China instead

It’s set to be a record-breakingly snowy winter for the Alps; more than a few ski areas have been cut off, or else they’ve been completely shut down for days due to avalanche risk. It’s been an insane season, honestly. Not quite as insane as the newest ski video from Candide Thovex though…

The new video is completely unlike any ski video before. Actually, that’s not quite true; there are a couple of videos in Candide’s back catalogue that could probably be compared to this. What I’m getting at here, is that the new video features absolutely no snow.

Instead, Thovex hurtles down sand dunes, volcanic dust and the Great Wall of China. On skis. As an advert and as a ski video, it’s unbelievable stuff. I wondered whether it was cgi at least once, because there’s no way that stuff should be possible. The world’s most famous skier isn’t exactly a stranger to pushing the boundaries of where the sport can go though. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with at the end of this season.

Watch the video, here.




















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