The Future of Skiing is Superlight

Can you imagine being able to ski without feeling like you’ve got a pair of bricks strapped to your feet? My ski boots certainly aren’t the heaviest in the world, but they’re a long way from the type of super light Alpine/Touring boots offered by Tecnica for the last few seasons. 

It’s been announced recently that Fischer are going to be bringing out their own super light ski boot; it’s beginning to look like a trend. That’s right folks, in the next few years ski boots will be getting lighter. Way lighter.

In fact, the last few years have seen a steady stream of serious improvements in ski boot technology. Walk modes have gone from a useless gimmick to a functioning part of the ski boot. Heat moulding has replaced foam injection as the choice way to make sure your liners fit like a glove. The plastic used is lighter. The buckles and clips are simpler.

In short, having enjoyed our dalliances with gimmicks like rear entry and that company who designed a snowboard boot inside a plastic cage, we’ve finally decided we’re sticking with the standard ski boot. Having made that decision, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finally making the damn things as comfortable as we can.

Obviously, ski boots aren’t the only things that are getting lighter; we’re shedding weight all over the place. In fact, the endgame seems to be ski kit that makes us feel no heavier than we would in our swimwear. Outerwear is getting lighter, more streamlined and less bulky. Skis are either getting much lighter, or weighing a metric ton depending on what they’re intended for. Ski racers have to endure more discomfort than anyone else on the mountain.

Let’s face it, heaving around heavy equipment was always one of the biggest chores about skiing; whether you’re god of the groomer or strapping your skis to your back and hiking up precarious ridges. We’ve come a long way since Shane McConkey strapped a pair of waterskis to his feet and set off into the pow.

So here’s to a future full of super light ski wear; may we all feel more comfortable than ever.

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