How to avoid the Winter Olympics (when you live in a ski town)

Look, before we get into this, I’d like it to be known that I’m very proud of the incredible Athletes representing their countries at the Olympics. I know that for everyone at Pyeongchang this week, this is the payoff for years and years of hard work and dedication. I’m just not all that keen on watching it. 

Sure, there are a few sports within that greater ‘Olympic’ whole that I’d tune in for any day. As long as that day is one I choose, and not one that was forced upon me. Alas, that isn’t possible when you live in a ski town.

The Winter Olympics are the only thing on TV at the moment. They’re the backdrop of every bar in town, and they’re being discussed by half of the people in resort. So, how to avoid it? A casual browse of the usual sites will throw up all the latest news, as will going anywhere with a TV.

What does that leave, you ask? Well, anonymous person on the internet, today was a powder day. There are no TV channels on the hill. Plus you get to pretend you’re a big shot, if that’s your cup of tea. Shred the park, get your pb on that slalom, crush some bumps; the mountains are snowy, and there’ll never be a better time to get out there than right now (unless now is summer…)

Sure, you might have to spend apres ski at that weird little hut that only sells vin chaud, but you had an epic day on the hill. Isn’t that what the olympics are all about at the end of the day? Inspiring people to get out there and join in? Does anybody really care if the way they inspire you is by monopolising your digital life to such an extent that you must become a wild woman just to escape it?

I’d guess the answer to that is ‘probably not’.

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