5 things that’ll piss off the bar staff at après ski

When you’re skiing, the chances are that you’re also spending rather a lot of time in your local bar(s). After all, après ski is part of the culture in many mountains, and to give it a miss is practically sacrilege. Let’s face it, if you’re single in a ski town, and you’re not nursing a growing problem with alcoholism, you’re one of the few. 

The point is, you’re going to need to keep the bar staff on side, as you sink a few jugs at 5pm on a Thursday. So with that said, here’s a few things you should probably avoid doing…

1. Don’t shout, slowly, at the bar staff

Obviously, this is a tip that’s pretty specific for skiing in countries where yours isn’t the first language. If there is a language barrier though, there’s two reasons not to shout at the person serving you drinks as if they’re severely hearing impaired. The first is that saying the same thing you always would’ve, but louder and slower, isn’t going to help someone who doesn’t speak English.

The second is that a huge portion of staff in ski bars tend to be English speakers. Just talk normally; it’ll be much quicker.

2. Don’t order drinks that aren’t on the menu

Look, practically every ski bar I’ve ever been to has been jam packed the vast majority of the time. If there’s a queue of people three deep at the bar, nobody’s got time to faff around finding someone on the payroll who knows how to make an old fashioned. They’ll probably just say no if you ask, so save yourself the time and the irritation you’ll cause by going off menu.

3. Don’t get your knickers in a twist if there’s a bit of a wait

See above: it’s probably busy, and the people around you have been waiting for as long as you have. Definitely don’t respond to the slow service by waving your cash around, or clicking your fingers at the person behind the bar, expecting them to jump to your service. They know you’re there, they just haven’t got to you yet. Relax, they’ll still give you happy hour prices if you’ve been queuing since before it ended.

4. There is no ‘bro priority’ that will mean you get served quicker if you’ve met the bar staff a few times before

I don’t care how many times you’ve been served by this person before, they can’t just ignore everyone around you in your favour just because you spent all last night ordering jäger trains. You’ve been there less than five minutes; keep your socks on. Also, shouting your greeting across the bar at them won’t bring them over to you immediately. Unless you’re actually friends, they’ll probably think you’re an idiot.

5. Don’t harass the floor staff

However many times they’ve served you before, if their job is to be on floor then they aren’t going to serve you drinks. Sure, if you’re eating then they’ll seat you and take your order, but if you’re just there to grab a jug with your mates then you’re not their problem. Making drunken comments about how they’re neglecting you isn’t going to change that fact, any more than physically grabbing their arm.


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